Who We’ve Worked With

Why Choose Altitude?

Startups and seasoned businesses alike need advisers they can trust, in every sense of the word. Our team’s experience and capabilities complement our core values of integrity, honesty and generosity.


Altitude works closely with boards and management teams to analyse and define growth inhibitors and trouble areas-identifying root causes to problems to eliminate inefficiencies and unlock full potential. We conduct detailed internal and broad external analyses for our clients. By factoring in all influences on a company’s success, we strategically set and achieve goals through insightful business process engineering.


We work in a variety of industries critical to global economies. From market penetration to growth buyouts, Altitude’s expertise creates value in all stages of a company’s growth.


Corporate Advisory Services


  • Management Consulting
  • Capital Management
  • Joint Ventures
  • International Scaling
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Emerging Opportunities
  • Digital Engagement
  • Automation
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI
  • Cyber Security


In a world of inflated values for entertainment technology we choose to focus on proprietary products, innovations and solutions with the potential for having broad impacts across the globe.

Altitude’s Focus


Providing full support to impactful companies and unlocking their full potential through our extensive network of capital and capabilities

Accurately monitoring and analysing the timing of emerging markets

Being a trusted leader through insightful disruption and innovation

Altitude’s Investment Services


Private & Venture Capital
Through our relationships with government wealth funds and leading venture capitalists we work with an extensive network of capital providers to structure investment packages meeting everybody’s needs.


Private Equity
Our experience and expertise leads to the most strategic formation of joint ventures to ensure companies reach their full potential while staying true to their company goals.


Debt Financing
We advise businesses from seed to startup to IPO ensuring debt is used to help companies efficiently accelerate their growth.


Every one of our clients is our partner first and foremost. We structure deals aligning our partners’ goals with our own, creating strong teams ready to meet challenges with innovative solutions.


Mergers & Acquisition
Through our network of capital providers and leading businesses we match the right partners to realize the most value for all parties involved.